Medium- to Long-Term Management Plan Medium- to Long-Term
Management Plan

At this time, Airport Facilities Group has formulated a medium- to long-term management plan (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") for the seven years from FY2022 to FY2028.

Formulation of the Medium- to Long-Term Management Plan (summary information and reference materials)(Japanese)(PDF:2.93MB)

1. Outline of the Plan

2. Airport Facilities Group's long-term vision (AFC VISION)
"Toward creating unique value within and outside airports"

Airport Facilities Group will continue to create unique value that contributes to aviation and society by taking advantage of the knowhow that it has cultivated over its 50-year history to conscientiously reward the trust of customers within and outside airports and providing safe and secure facilities and services.

3. Three priority measures

The Plan will strengthen Airport Facilities Group’s airport-related operations, which represent the core business, by steadily promoting the implementation of the following three priority measures. At the same time, the Plan aims to develop a capital efficiency-conscious business portfolio that is resilient against risks and lay the foundation for the next stage by diversifying revenue sources through engagement in non-asset businesses and by expanding profits.

(1)Haneda Airport 1-Chome project

Airport Facilities Group aims to expand its airport-related assets and improve profitability by reorganizing and rebuilding its facilities in the Haneda Airport 1-Chome area, where AFC was founded, into higher-quality ones that meet customers' needs in accordance with the disaster risk management measures for the area.

(2)Expansion of non-asset businesses

Airport Facilities Group aims to increase fee revenue by taking advantage of its knowhow and also enter into real estate fund development and asset management businesses by building an excellent property portfolio through the acquisition of properties outside airports and a shift to higher-value properties.

(3)Improvement of the profitability of existing businesses

Airport Facilities Group aims to improve profitability through capital efficiency-conscious property portfolio restructuring measures, including withdrawal and sale, with regard to properties with inferior growth potential or profitability.

4. Business portfolio strategy

Leveraging on company’s strengths to pursue sustainable growth in profitability and capital efficiency and aim to develop a capital efficiency-conscious business portfolio resilient to risks.

5. Return of profit to shareholders

The Company has revised the target for the consolidated dividend payout ratio to 40% or higher (up from the previous target of 30% or higher), as it seeks to ensure stable dividend payment while striking a balance between preparing for future investments for the purpose of sustainable growth, maintaining financial soundness, and returning profit to shareholders.

6. Numerical targets

Net sales
Operating income
Net income
(Actual results)
Net sales
23.7 billion yen
Operating income
3.2 billion yen
Net income
0.82 billion yen
Net sales
32.0 billion yen
Operating income
5.0 billion yen
Net income
3.3 billion yen