Message from the President Message from the President

We are constantly identifying changes,
wishes and needs and response flexibility
to you, our valued customers

President and CEO
Toshiaki Norita
Toshiaki Norita

I am Toshiaki Norita. I have recently taken office as president and CEO.

Since establishment in 1970’s, AFC Group has been engaging in business at major Japanese airports, mainly Haneda, as well as foreign airports, fulfilling its mission of “contributing towards the development of aviation industry”.

Throughout major airports in Japan and more specifically, Haneda, we are investing / developing crew training facilities, hangars, maintenance plants, in-flight meal factories, and multi-purpose buildings. Our experienced team of specialists has been supporting infrastructure functions, ranging from area heating and cooling, water supply and drainage to local area communications networks within airports.

Our growing businesses include leasing of hotels, residences for workers of airports, student dormitories, urban area office buildings, as well as expansion internationally into Singapore and Canada.

All around the world, businesses had been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the ongoing roll out of vaccination, we expect moderate recovery for aviation demand. AFC core strategy of, adapting to constant evolving of challenging environment, will well place us to achieve strong growth, through boldly pursuing new opportunities post COVID-19.

AFC has step-up its environmental efforts - establishing in April, the Environment Business Promotion Team and in July the Sustainability Promotion Department. To realize one of our key objectives, for a sustainable society, we are actively engaging in environmental business.

In 2020, we celebrated our 50th anniversary thanks to the support of our customers.

All of us at AFC Group will work as one in an effort to increase AFC's corporate value under the new management team by responding to customers' wishes and needs.

We appreciate and seek your understanding and looking forward for your continuous support. Thank you.

June 2021
President and CEO
Masaaki Kai