Message from the President Message from the President

甲斐 正彰

Appreciating challenges,
Finding value, Creating innovation,
together we progress

President and CEO
Masaaki Kai

Established in 1970, AFC Group has amassed competence in airport / aviation related and financial businesses. From inception, AFC group has been continuously contributing towards business / industrial growth, locally in Haneda as well as more recently, overseas.

Throughout major airports in Japan and more specifically, Haneda, we are investing / developing crew training facilities, hangars, maintenance plants, in-flight meal factories, multi-purpose buildings. Our experienced team of specialist, has been supporting infrastructure functions, ranging from area heating and cooling, water supply and drainage to local area communications networks within airports.

We are growing our business to include leasing of hotels (near airports and, more recently in Kyoto City), residences for those who work at airports and student dormitories, as well as expanding our presence in Singapore and Canada. In line with global effort of preserving and saving the environment, we are increasingly pushing adoption of renewable energy as one of our core business.

Incorporated in Haneda, we just celebrated our 50th anniversary. Our dedicated team has delivered 50 years of commitment to excellence, during which AFC Group was privilege to grow as an integral part of dramatic airport expansion. Our recent investment outside the airport has led to our significant track record, even under our challenging ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our resources will always be to fulfil our corporate mission, in providing our utmost best, to support you, our customers, our partners, in the everchanging world.

Your business is important to us. We want to collaborate with you. We want to grow with you. Your success will be our success.

March 2021
President and CEO
Masaaki Kai