Frequently Asked Questions

Company Information / Corporate Activities in General

When was the company established?
It was established on February 6, 1970. For more information, please see History.
What does Airport Facilities Co., Ltd. do?
Airport Facilities Co., Ltd. is an airport-based company that supports safe airport and airline operations, by constructing, operating, and managing the facilities and functions required for airports. For more information, please see Our Businesses.
What is your mission?
Our mission is as follows: "We, the Airport Facility Group, will contribute to the advancement of aviation and the creation of attractive communities through prioritizing and delivering valuable facilities and services.”
For more information, please see Our Mission.
Please tell us about the Group companies.
Tokyo Airport Heating & Cooling Co., Ltd., handles district heating and cooling operations for the Tokyo International Airport. AFC Shoji Co., Ltd. distributes food products, clothes, etc. For more information, please see Group Companies.
What facilities are managed and operated by Airport Facilities Co., Ltd.?
At Tokyo International Airport, we have an air cargo terminal, shared hangars for small aircraft and helicopters, and large hangars for storing large passenger aircraft. We also have an energy center to supply cooling and heating to various facilities inside the airport, and a utility center building that supports the business of aviation-related companies. For more information, please see Facility Information.
What are the Company's initiatives for corporate governance?
Based on our mission, we strive to develop and implement corporate governance to secure and raise corporate value and earn profits to share with shareholders. For more information, please see Initiatives for Governance.

Financial Results / Financial Information

When does your accounting period end, and when do you announcement your financial results?
On March 31 each year. Financial results are also announced on a quarterly basis. Please see IR Events Calendar for the annual schedule.
Where can I get financial information?
Financial Results, AFC REPORT and Securities Reports / Quarterly Reports (Japanese Only) are all available on this website.
Where are the financial indicators—such as capital adequacy ratio—posted on the website?
They're posted on the website's Financial Highlights / Major Financial Indicators page.

Shareholders / Investor Information

Which stock exchange are you listings on?
We're listed on Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What's your ticker code?
Our ticker code is 8864.
What's your trading unit (number of shares per unit)?
Our trading unit (number of shares per unit) is 100 shares.
Where should I ask about procedures and other inquiries regarding shares?
To discuss the various procedures and any other inquiries regarding shares, please contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited's Main Branch. For more information, please go to Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited's website(external link).
When is the general meeting of shareholders?
It's held in late June every year.
Do you have any shareholder benefit programs?
We have some benefit programs.
When is the finalization date for dividend rights?
The reference dates in our articles of incorporation regarding finalization of dividend rights are March 31 and September 30 each year.
Which accounting standards do you follow?
We follow the J-GAAP.