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FY2021(ended March 31, 2022)

Financial Results for Second Quarter (Japanese)

FY2020 (ended March 31, 2021)

FY2019 (ended March 31, 2020)

Financial Results

Financial Results for Second Quarter (Japanese)

FY2018 (ended March 31, 2019)

FY2017 (ended March 31, 2018)

FY2016 (ended March 31, 2017)

FY2015 (ended March 31, 2016)

FY2014 (ended March 31, 2015)

FY2013 (ended March 31, 2014)

FY2012 (ended March 31, 2013)

FY2011 (ended March 31, 2012)

FY2010 (ended March 31, 2011)

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This page contains statements regarding future performance. These statements include risks and uncertainty. As such, they do not guarantee future performance. Please note that actual future performance may differ as a result of changes in the business environment, etc.
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