Contribution to Society Contribution to Society

Provision of safe and assured infrastructure (Water Supply and Drainage Business, Local Area Communication Networks Business)
Provision of a worker-friendly environment for employees working in the airport
Improvement of productivity through work style reforms

Disaster drills and drills by self-protection firefighting team

Implementation of basic life-saving certification

Basic life-saving certification is implemented so that each and every employee can provide first-aid promptly against sudden cardiopulmonary arrest. We make contribution to regional residents and tenants through employees’ education on lifesaving and disaster prevention.

Participating in the examination of self-protection firefighting team drills

A self-protection firefighting team organized by the staff of our company participated in the examination of self-protection firefighting team drills (examination implemented by Kamata Fire Station and Kamata Disaster Prevention Management Association).

Equipment prepared against disasters


Emergency equipment installed in preparation for disasters

Our company, having its business base in an airport, a place having a highly public nature, and supporting the safety of airport operation and airline services, is upgrading disaster countermeasure equipment as a part of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in preparation for the occurrence of a wide-scale disaster in airport.

Storage of emergency supplies such as food inside elevators
Storage of emergency supplies such as food inside elevators
Hybrid outside light compatible with both wind and photovoltaic power generation
Hybrid outside light compatible with both wind and photovoltaic power generation

Installation of AED

Installation of AED
We prepare for emergencies by promoting the installation of AEDs in the common-use spaces of the facilities of our company, out of consideration for the safety of tenants and regional residents.

Contribution to local communities

Emergency food Stockpiles donation

The Group donates emergency food stockpiles that are due for renewal to the municipality governments and nonprofit organizations where our offices are located.
We contributed to the reduction of food loss and to provide the supplies to those who are in need of food support.

Welfare Department, Ota-Ku
Nonprofit Organization foodbank network

Dnation of in-flight meal lunch boxes to Kodomo Shokudo (Children's Cafeteria)

Sympathizing with the activities of Kodomo Shokudo (Children's Cafeteria), we donated lunch boxes made by the in-flight meal factory to contribute to the vitalization of the region and society, while raising interests among people towards the area of aviation and airports, which is our company's main field.

Lunch boxes made by the in-flinght meal factory
Ota Ramen Kodomo Shokudo (Children's Cafeteria)

Work style reforms

We engage in the maintenance and improvement of the health of our employees, which is essential for our business, as one of the top prioritized themes for management, and are upgrading various systems for health management.

Measures for the health management of employees

  • Subsidies for having a complete medical checkup
  • Fitness club discount
  • Injury and disease allowance
  • Subsidies for influenza immunization cost
  • Subsidies for having a medical examination for female ailments and lifestyle-related diseases
  • Industrial physician system
  • Stress checkup
  • Health checkup (twice a year)
  • Survey on fatigue accumulation
  • Mutual aid association system
  • Telework (Work from home)
  • Flexible working hours

Promoting D&I

Regarding the acceptance of "diversity" in the medium- to long-term management plan and the action guidelines of new corporate philosophy, we are striving to raise awarenss within the company through various ways as to why "diversity" is being mentioned so much now and why it is necessary to work on it as a society "now".

Thank you Card Introduced as a tool for executives and employees to praise each other to promote internal communication.
D&I Newsletter Introducing articals related to D&I topics.
In-house training Holding position-specific trainings and lectures by companies working on D&I.
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