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Facilities Management Business

Facilities Management Business

Business summary

AFC constructs aviation-related facilities in 11 airports in Japan, 2 heliports, and 2 airports abroad, and provides them to clients such as airline companies. It owns more than 30 facilities solely within Haneda Airport, including a multi-purpose general building, which houses factories and offices in a single building, a hangar, maintenance plant, the domestic air cargo terminal, and an in-flight meal factory, accumulating know-how on their maintenance and management. Capitalizing on such expertise, we are also entrusted with the maintenance of properties owned by other companies. Our staff members regularly visit the facilities for checkup and maintenance of air conditioners and electric facilities, to support an environment that can be used comfortably anytime. Our Facilities Management Business covers a wide area of business, for example the maintenance of large cranes inside the hangars of airline companies. Our business has a reputation for careful maintenance and management with abundant knowledge on airports.

Maintenance and management list

  • Offices in airports
  • Hangars
  • Aviation-related facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Tunnels
  • Utility conduits
  • Satellite center
  • Tenant asset facilities
  • Machinery equipment
    in parking lots