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Terms of Use

Thank you for using the website of Airport Facilities Co., Ltd. It (the website) is managed and operated by Airport Facilities Co., Ltd. (“the Company”). Please read the following information before reading or using it. The information may be changed without prior notification.


Copyrights to all material used on the website (text, photos, illustrations, video, sound, software, etc.) are held by the Company or third parties and are protected by the Copyright Act, other laws, and treaties. Except for the scope permitted by the Copyright Act, such as reproducing and quoting for personal use, the material may not be reproduced, adapted, publicly transmitted, or used in any manner without the consent of the copyright holders.


As a general rule, links may be freely created to the website. It is not necessary to contact the company when creating a link. Depending on the content of the website and link method, however, you may ask to delete the link. The URL of the link should be based on HYPERLINK "" In addition, it should be explained that it is the Company’s website.

Personal Information

The Company has created a Personal Information Protection Policy and works to appropriately handle personal information. Click here for the Company’s Personal Information Protection Policy.


The Company provides no guarantee regarding the website and is not liable for problems between customers and third parties related to its use in the case of mistaken content. The Company is also not liable for any software- or hardware-related accidents or damage caused by the use of the site. Information, file names, and other items on the website may be changed without prior notice.

Recommended User Environments

Operating system :

Windows users should use Windows 2000 or a later version. Macintosh users should use Mac OS 10.1 or a later version.

Browser :

Recommended browsers are Internet Explorer 8.0 or a later version.

JavaScript :

The website includes pages that use JavaScript. If JavaScript has been disabled in the browser being used, the website may not properly function or the material may not be properly displayed. Please enable JavaScript.

Required Plug-ins :

It is necessary to install Adobe System’s Adobe Reader to view PDF files and to install Adobe System’s Flash Player to view Flash files.

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